Reflections from Chennai

STEM annual summit 2013 was held in the vibrant city of Chennai—a city that has been home to the Great Dravidian Civilizationand is known for automobile, software services, textiles and hardware manufacturing in the modern era. STEM 2013 was kick started in Hotel Radisson Blu, located in the heart of Chennai, with the release of STEM Fellows’ Directory in association with the Wellcome Trust.We take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the Wellcome Trust who played a key role in releasing the STEM Fellows’ Directory and making the occasion even more special for all of us associated with STEM, especially the STEM fellows.

STEM 2013 Annual Summit saw eminent speakers like Thomson Posselt from Fraunhofer (Europe), Richard Cahoon (FSTEM) from BioProperty Strategies Group INC (US), ArvindChinchure (FSTEM), Reliance Innovation Leadership Center (India) among others who came from different countries and gave the participants a global perspective of Technology Management. K Vijayraghavan (FSTEM), Hon. President – STEM spoke about ‘Drivers of Innovation and Accelerated Technology Absorption – Trends & Opportunities’ from the Asian perspective while Richard Cahoon (FSTEM) gave a US perspective on the same topic. The panel discussion on ‘Interdisciplinary approach to Health Care Innovation’ chaired by Shirshendu Mukherjee (FSTEM), Wellcome Trust saw people from organizations such as Cell Diagnostics, HTIC, NCL and Forus Health. It was a very enriching session for the Healthcare professionals.The second panel discussion chaired by Mr. Ravi Dhar (FSTEM), BIRAC discussed issues such as Funding enterprise led Innovation, IP generation & technology commercialization’ and saw participants from IKP, Intellectual Ventures, SABIC ventures and Stryker India.

The second day of STEM 2013 began with a presentation by Mr. Joy Goswami, University of Delaware about ‘Technology Licencing Intricacies’ followed by a presentation by Mr. Richard Cahoon and Mr. RK Gupta (FSTEM), CSIR on ‘Post licensing monitoring’. Other topics that were discussed during the day included ‘Technology Advancements in Development of Vaccines & Biotechnology derived Adjuvants’, ‘Bioproperty - Challenges in Management and TechnologyCommercialization’ and ‘International Collaborations – IP Protection and Technology Transfer Approaches’ by eminent people like Mr. M. Kuppusamy, Mr. Richard Cahoon, Mr. ShashankMauria, Mr. SR Rao and Mr. P Balasubramaniam. The day ended with a Technology Showcasing Event which created a one-to-one platform for technology transfer by having presentations on technologies available for licensing and a one-on-one session for technology providers. It wasfurther facilitated by the ‘Networking Dinner’ which provided an opportunity for all the professionals to interact with each other personally and create synergies for their businesses.

The third day of STEM Annual Summit was equally engaging and enriching. The day started with Mr. ArvindChinchure (FSTEM), Reliance Innovation Leadership Center talking about ‘Accelerating technology protection and transfer opportunities in core technologies’ and Ms. Kalpana Reddy from USPTO talking about ‘Fostering Intellectual property protection in a transnational innovation Environment’. The participants also had a Q&A session with Mr. G.P. Roy, Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs on ‘Accelerating Intellectual Asset protection’. Mr. K. Raghunathan, Director, Sathguru Management Consultants gave an informative talk on important topics like ‘International Tax Implications, Valuation Impact and withholding responsibility on Domestic & Cross Border technology Transfer: Fundamental Precautions & Rules’. It was followed by a panel discussion chaired by Mr. Richard Cahoonand facilitated by Technology Management experts like Mr. Joy Goswami, University of Delaware, Mr. TaslimarifSayed, C-CAMP, Mr. AkshatMedakker (FSTEM), Sathguru, Ms. SanjuktaSengupta, THSTI, Ms. Sadhana Srivastava (FSTEM), ICMR and Mr. Rajesh Shankar Priya, Fraunhoferon the topic: ‘Negotiations for International Technology Transfer: Strategic, Technical andOperational Elements of Technology Negotiations’.

After a knowledge sharing session by Technology Transfer experts who have a rich experience in the industry under their name such as academicians who have invented some of the cutting edge technologies,industrialists and corporates who have created value out of these cutting edge technologies, lawyers who have sought to protect such technologies by the lawamong others, the STEM Annual Summit 2013 was finally concluded after distributing of certificates and another round of networking during the Lunch.